Advantages of Titanium Dioxide Pearl Pigment

1/11/20241 min read

1. Titanium dioxide is known for its excellent opacity, meaning it can effectively cover underlying surfaces. This property is crucial in pearl pigments to create a solid base color for the pearlescent effect.

Titanium dioxide is a bright white pigment, and this brightness is transferred to the pearl pigments. This characteristic contributes to the vibrancy and vividness of the pearlescent colors produced.

3. Titanium dioxide is chemically stable and resistant to UV radiation. This stability ensures that pearl pigments retain their color and do not degrade over time, making them suitable for various applications.

1. When titanium dioxide is omitted from pearl pigments, it results in a more translucent or less opaque appearance.The absence of titanium dioxide affects the pigment's ability to create a solid base color, potentially leading to a more transparent pigmment.

2. Pearl pigments without titanium dioxide exhibits lower brightness and whiteness compared to those that include titanium dioxide.

3. When titanium dioxide is excluded from a pearl pigment formulation, the overall stability and UV resistance is influenced The pigment becomes less resistant and easily detriorates.

Pearl Pigment with TiO2

Pearl Pigment without TiO2